Personal Training


Increased energy

It seems at first like a paradox - the more you exercise the more energy you have. But once you have tried it you know it to be true. Each session is planned for you so you don’t have to think about it. Also you are much more likely to show up at the gym when you have a personal trainer waiting there for you. Working with a personal trainer increases not only your attendance and frequency at the gym but it also increases the effectiveness of every workout.


Connection with nature

As my clients already know I love running and particularly running in the countryside. I have found that it has helped me immensely in many different ways. I often find that if things have been bothering me then they somehow get resolved during a run in the hills. Its like a mental sort out. Aside from the important mental benefits there are the physiological benefits, those that are external (such as body composition) and those that are internal (such as blood pressure and overall heart health).


Sense of achievement

I love the end of a workout, my client has worked hard, and they have that lovely satisfaction of having completed the workout. I have completed 1000’s of sessions with clients and the one thing that never changes from client to client is that sense of joy that they are using their body again. I always try to introduce some form of resistance training into my clients programme and on many occasions they haven’t worked with weights before. It is great to see how people love to lift weight and get that feel good factor after.