Integrated Sports Nutrition

The evidence for nutrition to support sports performance is currently booming. It is such an exciting area of research


What is Integrated Sports Nutrition?

It takes the individual and puts their health at the centre of the sports nutrition recommendations. With this approach you can cover some fascinating areas which are relatively new to performance nutrition. It takes you beyond carbohydrate, protein and electrolytes (although these areas are still fundamentally important to any programme) and it introduces gut health, inflammation, many other ergogenic aids.

The Basics

The plan always starts with a full assessment of energy requirements and we make sure that the athlete is fueling themselves correctly. Under-eating is very common for athletes but so is under-nourishing. This means eating enough food but not of the quality that is needed to propel performance. This then makes up the first step.

We can then break it down to focus on macro-nutrient splits. These can be tailored depending on the athletes particular focus or cycle of training. Understanding how carbohydrates, protein and even fats can affect performance is often a really useful exercise for the athlete.

The Tailoring Stage

As I build the relationship with the client we start to tailor the service and get into the details of integrated sports nutrition. This can potentially begin with nutrient timing where we build nutrition plans around training or by focusing on specific micro-nutrients.

Supplements can also feature at this stage. Sometimes protein supplementation can be useful as can a multi-vitamin and mineral. I also look into more specific nutrient supplements that may have a role in supporting the individuals performance.

The Elite Stage

This section focuses on the really exciting developments in sport nutrition. From beetroot and cherry juice to bio-active bacteria they all have a role in the future of sports nutrition.

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