Office Fit

the perfect plan for the office worker. with limited time or energy after work and a job indoors creates a cocktail of health issues. let me change that.


I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer (ActiveIQ) and can tailor sessions for your exact fitness needs. I work with my clients using a mix of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio and gym sessions to maximise fat loss and muscle growth. I am a strong believer that nature provides us with the perfect space to work out, but sometimes you need you need the right equipment to focus on specifics like weight training and resistance training with bands. I work with The Fitness Team at The Prince of Wales stadium which provides excellent gym facilities. The gym plus the use of the Prince of Wales running track makes it the perfect place to lose weight, tone up, build muscle and build cardiovascular fitness. As a trainer-only gym, The Fitness Team is built for one-on-one sessions meaning you will have exclusive use of the equipment during your sessions.

I have a diverse and growing portfolio of clients all with different goals from weight loss to marathon fit.  I always put the person at the centre of the training, designing bespoke training plans just for you, to suit your individual needs and personal goals.

What I offer

I have packages to suit every type of person, with room to adjust and tailor them specifically to you and your goals.

Each package starts at £140 for 4 sessions with an initial FREE phone consultation

Weight Loss Package:           

Cardiovascular fitness and ‘tone up’ routines     

Office Fit Package:             

For those office workers who need to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day  


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