Nutritional Therapy

focusing on the person as a whole and approaching health from a functional perspective.


Nutritional Therapy with Adam Lloyd Wellbeing

Consultation Call: FREE

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Entry level package: £220        

A 90 minute consultation where we look in detail at your current concerns and your health history. After you have completed a food diary I will conduct a thorough review of your current food intake, taking into account macro and micro-nutrient requirements. We will focus on your goals and set targets to reach them. We build in accountability sessions so you can stay on track

Complete package: £299

In addition to the entry level package you receive body composition measurements, lifestyle recommendations to support your nutritional changes, a detailed 7 day food plan (if appropriate)

Elite package: £549                        

All of the above plus exclusive access to me through pre-arranged consultations. This package also includes nutrition handouts hat address your specific concerns


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