Ian Pain's Story

Ian was completing some serious endurance running events but wanted some support with gym work and strength training.

"I knew I had the stamina, I have completed marathons on limited training however, I really wanted to enjoy the events when the day came rather than battling them. So I was looking to work with someone on my strength in the gym.

I have known Adam for a long time, we went to University together, and I knew that he had just changed careers and was now working as a Personal Trainer so I knew that he would be the perfect fit for me. Initially I wanted help in the gym to build leg strength but I have done so much more than that in the gym and I have actually really enjoyed the overall strength training and core stability work we have done.

I have discovered things about my body that I didn’t know before and I am really starting to benefit from being stronger. I notice the difference in my day to day life now, just walking around at work I can feel the benefits, and more importantly for me I definitely feel much stronger on my longer runs. It has really made a difference for me.

Also, I thought that weight training would work out as a ‘nice to have’ but that has turned out to be a key element for me. I am so much more aware of the strength of my body now, not only in terms of my sporting performance but also how I feel during the day and my performance at work. It has been great working with Adam."

I am continuing to work with Ian both nutritionally and physically and he is getting stronger and leaner every week. He has a busy life with work and a young family so he has had to find time to get the sessions in but he is so committed it is a pleasure to work with him.